Development sites in Kedron.

Development sites in Kedron may be affected by new council ruling according to QB Commercial research.
As Commercial Real Estate Agents with shops and offices for sale and lease in Kedron, it’s now very important to research developments properly before committing a Gavin Roberts said.

It is expected that the character of inner city suburbs will be somewhat maintained with a recent announcement that Brisbane Council will ban apartments in Kedron and other Brisbane’s suburbs such as Lutwwche and Enoggera.

Apartments and townhouses will no longer be developed in Brisbane’s suburbs zoned low-density residential.
The call to “protect the Brisbane backyard” triumphed, with a vote passed by Brisbane City Council to remove provisions allowing for multiple dwellings on blocks of more than 3,000 square metres.
Councillors voted unanimously in favour of the temporary local planning instrument, provided for in the Planning Act 2016, to restrict multi-residential development in low-density areas.
The interim measure was passed last Tuesday. City Planning chairman Matthew Burke said the proposal will stop townhouses and apartments being built in areas for single homes.
“Council wants to put a stop to cookie-cutter townhouse developments and instead protect the Brisbane backyard and [its] unique character,” Mr. Bourke said.

‘Basic politicking’
The vote, which was carried out as council awaits state government authorisation, has been derided as politicking by planning experts.
“Council is drawing a long bow in saying that the city is at risk of adverse cultural or social affects if townhouses and apartments continue to be developed on low-density residential zoned land,” planning consultant Mia Hickey said.
“A blanket ban feels like a political stunt.”
For its part, the state government said council has not responded to requests for further information or addressed how the proposed amendments would effect housing supply.
“Finding the missing middle, where the goal is to offer greater housing diversity such as townhouses, duplexes, low- and medium-rise apartment buildings [is] an important way to ensure people can stay within their communities throughout their lives,” a government spokesperson said.

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